What is the most durable type of dinnerware?

September 25, 2020

Sometimes, an essential item for a dinner party is not the three-meal course but the durability, beautify and quality of dinnerware itself. Why is it so important you may ask? Dinnerware is an intrinsic part of a dinner party. It sets the tone for dinner and hence defines the mood of the party.

Dinnerware comes in a lot of variety, shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. Therefore, it can be a tedious task to single out the best and perfect material to suit your needs. One possible characteristic of dinnerware is its durability which goes some way in deciding the most suitable one.

What is durable and durable dinnerware?

The measure of durability can be subjective at times, but in the materials department, a long-lasting item is usually considered durable. Moreover, properties such as break-resistant and scratch-resistant lend credence to the durability of an item.

Amongst the most popular options for dinnerware, most exhibit qualities of elegant aesthetics as it is a must at any dining table. However, the quality of durability may vary from material to material. Let’s look at these materials individually and test their durability parameters.


earthenware samples
some earthenware samples to compare with melamine products

This type of dinnerware is probably low on durability but has some other qualities, such as being budget-friendly and having a rustic look that appeals to most users. On the durability front, we would recommend that you forego this option. The material is porous and can absorb liquids, therefore leading to stains. It is, however, safe to use in an oven as well as the dishwasher.


A type of dinnerware which is based on a ceramic material fired at slightly higher temperatures than earthenware is called stoneware. It is a more durable dinnerware for clubs. It is also coarser than porcelain or China and thus optimal for everyday use. It is easy to maintain and can be stored in multiple settings. The only precaution here is to protect stoneware from sudden temperature changes.


Consists of fine clay materials heated at high temperatures and guaranteed non-porous nature. It translates to extreme durability, and this leads to a variety of slim designs for exquisite dinnerware. The premium feel of porcelain makes it a good choice for formal settings, as does its elegance. The porcelain dinnerware can safely be put in the microwave or the dishwasher.

Bone China

A mixture of bone ash and porcelain clay forms Bone China which a lightweight and translucent dinnerware material. It is one of the most durable and most robust alternatives available in dinnerware. The use of Bone China dinnerware is quite versatile, as it suits everyday use as well as formal occasions.


Inmiron Wholesale Melamine Plates

A cost-effective, durable, and versatile option is available in the form of melamine dinnerware. When it comes to dinnerware, users typically compromise on looks or durability. Melamine dinnerware offers a combination of these two qualities as it is lightweight, durable, and has an elegant aesthetic. All these features make melamine a top choice for dinnerware with easy care.

The only care that must be taken is to avoid using melamine dinnerware in the microwave oven.

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